Home care has proven to be a life-line for vulnerable patients as healthcare is now accessible at the comfort of their own home, thus giving them peace of mind. At the same time, patients can recover safely and leave the complex care in the hands of experienced professionals.

So, how do you find a home healthcare service that you can trust when you want quality care for your parents, or loved ones?

1. There are many types of home care

Home care includes any professional support services that allow a person to live safely in their home. They can include personal care and companionship, private duty nursing care and home health care.

At Sunway Home Healthcare, our certified nurses involve the patient’s primary doctor before and after each home visit. Therefore, any intervention by the home care team is in the form of skilled nursing or private nursing services which complement and support the patient’s care plan. Additionally, we complement our services for patients to gain access to rental or purchase of medical equipment to be used at home.

2. Home healthcare provides better results

Patients who are cared for at home after their discharge from the hospital tend to share more information during home visits that is not typically seen in the hospital setting. Research has shown that home visit soon after discharge can reduce readmissions, complications, and visits to the emergency department.

As patients feel more relaxed and comfortable at home, they get a sense of control, in contrast to a hospital environment. This translates to a greater sense of self-efficacy and engagement in their own care, and in time, some patients learn to better care for themselves. This factor is cherished by family members and caregivers.

Every encounter for our Sunway Home Healthcare personnel is a story. The patient-centered care we provide is evident in the stories that our patients share with us.

3. Some are not qualified to deal with complex conditions

One of the biggest challenges facing caregivers looking for a suitable home care service is finding one that employs qualified and experienced health professionals.

Sunway Home Healthcare ensures its annually-certified nurses are continuously trained as part of the accreditation process conducted for all its employees in the Sunway Healthcare Group of hospitals and centres. The nurses are also exposed to tertiary level of care in a hospital setting, as well as further trained in various areas of speciality, which can significantly benefit their clinical nursing skills, and ultimately improve patient outcome.

4. Technology is an important factor

In general, health technology improves the quality of healthcare delivery in terms of patient safety, and can also strengthen the interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

Embracing of technology and innovation is no stranger to the network of hospitals and centres under Sunway Healthcare Group. Technology solutions such as tele-consultation including tele-nursing and tele-rehab are provided to Sunway Home Healthcare’s patients. We continue to develop systems that can improve provider and patient care coordination, such as distance monitoring as part of individualised care to our patients.

5. Home Care is not necessarily expensive

The advantages of home care extend beyond providing the patient with personalised care and the much craved-for freedom and independence. Contrary to the belief that home care is expensive, it is in actual fact more affordable compared to care rendered in a hospital or nursing home facility.

Sunway Home Healthcare patients have found that their bills ended up being lower compared to hospital outpatient or admission bills as there are no costs associated with hospital services and facilities. More importantly, the cost benefit of home healthcare alone is compelling as patients and caregivers are able to link quality, outcomes and safety to what they pay for home care services.

Home-based care has proven to be a critical role player in healthcare delivery, and will continue to do so as we grapple with an increasingly aging nation, not forgetting emergence of more pandemic scale of viral diseases and infections.