Advanced Home Care First Doctor Visit

RM 380.00

Advanced Home Care is a comprehensive service designed for the elderly. Our primary focus is to facilitate a smooth transition from hospital to home post discharge, ensuring continuity of care, stability and reducing the risk of readmission. Our team of experienced doctors and nurses provides at-home medical support for seniors who are unwell but recovering and do not require hospital admission.

By delivering personalized care in the comfort of home, we enhance the quality of life for our patients, promote quicker recovery, and reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections. This is achieved via a collaborative and multidisciplinary practice enabling patients to receive holistic care.

This package is suitable for new patients with the following condition: 

  • Bedridden or Homebound.
  • Longstanding or Chronic Conditions.
  • Post-Surgery or Post-Hospitalization.
  • Palliative.
  • Mild infections (non sepsis)

This package includes: 

  • 1x Home visit by a Doctor (Medical Officer)
  • Assessment & Consultation
  • Treatment and follow up plan.
  • Basic procedures like Venous Access, Blood drawing, Catheter insertion, Feeding tube insertion.

This package does not include: 

  • Medication (additional charges apply if medication is required)
  • Wound dressing

Terms & Condition: 

  • This package is currently only available in Klang Valley
  • Additional surcharge will be incurred for locations beyond 20KM radius from Bandar Sunway.
  • Our healthcare providers may suggest additional procedures if additional conditions are discovered during the visit. 
  • Upon booking, you will be contacted within 24 hours by our team to confirm your preferred date and time. Your appointment is only then confirmed. For more urgent request kindly Call or Whatsapp 019-216 6477